M A Matin, born in Naogaon, a disrict of Bangladesh rich in culture and history since the pre-historic time. Mr. Matin spent his childhood in the natural panoramic environment of the village Mithapur, Badalgachi. Naogaon. Began his education at the village school of Lalmathi, a place abundant with the archaeological historic witness of the history of Bangladesh. Raised in the scenic beauty of Tulsiganga and Choto Jamuna, two regional rivers flown by the districts of Naogaon, has left a strong influence on his mind and memories.

Due to the nature of his father's job of continuing transfers, Mr. Matin spent his early youth in the district of Dinajpur, days of which still make him nostalgic. He took his higher education at Dhaka International University. He did Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing. Days after, Mr. Matin left Bangladesh for the United States of America to make himself better fit to serve his country and to do something more constructive for the socio-economic development of his people, through higher education and practical experiences from the USA. He has strong affiliation with the Bangla literature and culture, as Mr. Matin has always been raised in an environment of the values of Bangladesh liberation war.

With his personal commitment to the people of his country to uplift their livelihoods, he started the organization NAOGAON WATER. The NAOGAON WATER is dedicated to building awareness among the people of Naogaon district of the danger of drinking water with Arsenic; and thus with the assistance of local government's scientific invention to build an arsenic free drinking water in the district of Naogaon. Naogaon Water looks forward to seeking assistance of specialized experts from the USA and Bangladesh in their endeavor to make the drinking water of Naogaon district arsenic free, safe to drink and reachable to every one in the district.